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Garrett Laurie

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garrett laurie

Garrett Laurie

Through a captivating fusion of vocally driven alt-folk, Northern Irish singer-songwriter, Garrett Laurie embarks on a sonic journey exploring the queer experience. Deftly put by The Thin Air, Laurie’s voice warrants a legitimate “stop you in your tracks” status.

With a compelling, provocative musical narrative, their first EP, 'Can I Play Too Or Is it Just For Boys?’, released last year, invites listeners into a world that feels both Lynchian and strangely comforting in its radio-friendly pop sensibility. Garrett skillfully manipulates gender roles with their voice, echoed in the lyrical content also. This innovative approach to their work earned the EP the position of number 18 on Chordblossom's 'Releases Of The Year 2022’ and in November they were invited to open for Hex Hue as part of Sound Of Belfast in support of the project. With a growing reputation as a unique and prolific creative force, Laurie has recently been chosen as one of four acts in the Oh Yeah Centre's prestigious 'Scratch My Progress' mentorship scheme and Longlisted for Best Single for the 2023 NI Music Prize.

Laurie's songwriting is characterised by its skillful poetic lyricism, delving deep into complex themes of queer identity and shame. The artist is one to watch as we approach 2024, as they craft an ever evolving yet timeless musical landscape.


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