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Qazi & Qazi

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qazi and qazi

Qazi & Qazi

Qazi & Qazi are sisters Naadirah and Rukaiyah - singer-songwriters, producers, and euphonious melody makers working at the cusp of transcendence. Born in Glasgow and Birmingham, raised Brummy and now based in London, the duet weaves their signature intricate harmonies into orchestral-scale arrangements in folk-leaning tales of surrender and strength.

At the core of their creation stand two women in blood-bonded harmony - a push and pull of gossamer-woven vulnerability met with the wailing call of feeling that evokes the Nūr of their Sufi ancestry. Innately ethereal, Naadirah and Rukaiyah’s lyrical tales of longing and loss, suffering and surrender, and ritual and spirit are met with sparse, resonant instrumentation, bringing their instinctive vocal synchronicity to the fore. And it is within this synchronicity that the sparks fly; you find that Qazi & Qazi are both completely balanced and individual - even in stature but contrasting in shape, the sisters reflect and retract off one another and with it build entrancing, cinematic melancholia in the space of a single song.

House of Cards


Weight of Your Bones

Everyone's Gone to the Moon

Youth Music Awards 2023